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Rodent Warriors is a 2D action RPG / idle / indie / retro game that we know people are going to love to play. 

The Project's Current Status

We already have a Beta version of Rodent Warriors, that is fully playable, with lots of fun, interesting content, but we have so many more ideas that we want to put into this game! For this we need funding, especially to pay for more artwork. 

Select your hero! Every rodent hero has a unique back story. Gain levels to unlock new rodent types.
Select your hero! Every rodent hero has a unique back story. Gain levels to unlock new rodent types.

The Plan

Our plan is to involve the community in the development process of the game, beginning with the Beta version, and continuing until the game is complete. Our backers and others who purchase the Beta version can follow along as the game grows in front of their eyes.

Quests will take you all over the world! The Rodent King always has helpful? advice.
Quests will take you all over the world! The Rodent King always has helpful? advice.
Good old 2d rpg / idle / rogue-like / indie / retro action!
Good old 2d rpg / idle / rogue-like / indie / retro action!

This is what we have developed so far.

  • Awesome retro-style graphics
  • Fun 2D RPG action
  • Six rodent hero types
    • Mouse - Scout
    • Capybara - Knight
    • Porcupine - Barbarian
    • Beaver - Wizard
    • Rat - Necromancer
    • Weasel - Swashbuckler
  • Every rodent has unique skills which get stronger as you use them.
  • Every rodent hero has a unique back story
  • Every rodent has a unique face
  • Every rodent hero has a unique list of weaknesses that limit their power
  • Power progression mechanic based on reincarnation
    • Every time a hero is defeated, subsequent heroes will be given power bonuses
    • By overcoming weaknesses all future heroes have an even greater potential to be more powerful
  • Five quest zones
    • Forest
    • Desert
    • Jungle
    • Snow
    • Jungle
  • Parallax scrolling environments
  • 50+ Enemies, including bosses
  • Craft items from materials gained by defeating enemies
    • Crafted items vary in power
    • Epic and Legendary items
    • Epic and Legendary items have unique properties
    • Each epic and legendary item has a unique back story
    • The more items you craft, the more powerful they become
  • Treasure Chests
    • Found in some dead ends in the maze 
    •  Contain magic juice that make your Hero stronger
  • Original musical compositions
  • Quests take place inside of a maze
    • Mini map
    • Fog of war
  • A quest path that tells the story of the rise of the 'Chosen One'
  • A "legend story" that unfolds as you make progress in the game
  • End game scenes in classic retro game style that can be discovered after many hours of game play
Legendary items!
Legendary items!

This is what we want to add.

  • Enemies
    • Enemies have different stats
    • Enemies have different abilities
    • More boss enemies
    • More enemy types
    • Enemies move inside the maze
    • Enemies spawn only in correct earth location, e.g. Elephants only in Asia or Africa
  • Quest Locations
    • City
    • Sewer
    • Cruise Ship
    • Mountain
    • Grassland
    • Prairie
    • Beach
    • Caves
  • Scrolling Backgrounds
    • Special background tiles, at least one per map location, e.g. New York City, etc.
    • Animated backgrounds
  • Game Play
    • Difficulty levels
    • Tweak stats, skills, etc.
  • Achievements
  • Items
    • Ability to improve crafted items by adding runes, gems, etc.
  • Mini map
    • Artwork matches the style of the rest of the game
  • Joystick support
  • Quests / Story
    • Write dialogues
    • More hero back stories
    • Hero back stories have an impact on game somehow
  • Music
    • Themes for all new quest zones
    • Two themes for each zone instead of one
  • Graphics
    • Dynamic lighting
  • Stylised Comics
    • Rodent King Intro Screen
    • Reincarnation Screen
    • End Game Screen
  • Misc
    • Translate to other languages
    • Spanish
    • French
    • German
  • Local or online Multiplayer?
  • Put creators in game as special characters

Level up baby!
Level up baby!

Who are we?

We are two indie game developers with a passion for making fun, entertaining games. 

Kevin is a software developer by trade, who has always enjoyed making his own games. 

Azucena is a talented, budding video game artist with a passion for creating cool characters.

StatusIn development
AuthorRodent Warriors
GenreRole Playing
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Action RPG, clicker
Average sessionAbout an hour

Install instructions

  1. Unzip the zip file into any directory you want.
  2. Run RodentWarriors.exe


Rodent Warriors v 0.7.0 x64 59 MB
Rodent Warriors v 0.7.0 x86 56 MB

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